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Guernsey Tuition

I am a specialist tutor located in Guernsey. My focus is student mastery of maths, English, study skills and building confidence in the child. I am associated with a talented and friendly group of tutors and assistant tutors.

Yes, preparation for Entrance Exams, 11plus and GCSEs is provided also.

Our approach is inquiry-based, ensuring that the student can discuss the approach that they have selected in maths, English, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.

In a small group setting, students are provided with one-to-one instruction. Online licensed services that support self-paced learning, monitors progress and encourages goal setting are available. Confidence grows under these conditions.

Homework is provided to ensure that the student can practise their new skills regularly.

In addition, this website provides parents and students with a private member's area. This area is rich with additional resources for members to use.  
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Supporting your child's learning is an important aspect of building their confidence and skill competency for life.

The purpose of tutor-wiki is to provide you with information and practical tools to optimise your child's learning experience.

Where to begin? Maths key stages 1 & 2 and English key stages 1 & 2 have been provided for your review. By familiarising yourself with this information you can clearly see that many skills can be practised in the familiar surroundings of the family home.

Key Stages provide critical information that form the basis of an educational plan. Once the student has been assessed - strengths and weaknesses have been identified - a plan can be created and followed.

Free worksheets provided on this site can be downloaded for your use. These are being added to weekly. If there is a particular skill worksheet that you want please contact me and request it - it's as easy as that! The worksheets include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division practice at this time.

Build confidence and skill competence in your child.
Invest in their future now!